FOX Warrior XT 20lbs 0.38 870m braun 9kg

Art.Nr.: 130SN-1008

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  • Länge / m: 870

  • Ø mm: 0,38

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FOX Warrior XT 20lbs 0.38 870m braun 9kg
Warrior Carp Line is formulated and extruded exclusively for Fox to create a line that is affordable and economical, yet featuring toughness and knot strength qualities previously found only on lines right at the top end of the market.

Warrior Carp Line is extremely tough & hard wearing yet limp and manageable, incorporating a wet knot strength that is consistently strong & reliable. Tied correctly with grinner or palomar knots each of the line classes will provide a knot strength well in advance of their stated loadings.

Available in a choice of two colours: Green or Brown and in 10lb, 12lb, 15lb and 20lbs.

Consistent & Reliable
Ultra High Knot Strength
Controlled Stretch Factor
Available in Green or Brown
Exceptionally Tough & Hard Wearing

Technische Daten

Durchmesser Länge / m Farbe Tragkraft / kg
0,38 870 grün 9